Vismarkt 13 | Utrecht

About us

Since 2023 we, Rik and Angela, are the new owners of Graaf Floris. We look forward to welcoming you to the most beautiful spot on the Vismarkt!

Where it all started...

Our passion lies in the hospitality industry. Pampering guests with the most diverse trends and exceptional service, that is what makes us happy.

We met in 2015 at Stadskasteel Oudaen. The dream of having your own restaurant has slowly grown over the years. During our trip through New Zealand in 2020, we started making plans for our business. With a delicious glass of wine from the Marlborough wine region in our hands, we started writing and drawing.

Now three years have passed and all our plans are coming together at Graaf Floris. A special journey, which we can now continue together with our amazing team!

Old friends and new flavors
Classics such as our famous apple dumpling and Irish Coffee (including preparation at the table) continue to exist, but we also added some new things! For example, you can come to us for bowls, vegan hot dogs and shawarma, specialty beers and special cocktails.

A nice mix of old friends and new flavors. And most importantly: the nostalgic feeling of Graaf Floris never disappears.

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